13ong is renowned for its efficiency in transaction speed and customer satisfaction. 13ong are trying our very best to maintain it that way. Please be advised to keep the bank receipt or transaction reference ID as 13ong might request it for proof of transaction.
Banking Options Transaction Limit (MYR) Transaction Timeline
Minimum Maximum
ATM / CDM 20.00 30,000.00 5 Minutes
Online Transfer
Local Bank Transfer
Quick Withdrawal 50.00 5000.00 5-30 Minutes
Local Bank Transfer 5000.00 30,000.00 24 Hours
Please note:
  • Members is allowed to withdraw THREE times per day.
  • We supoort 24/7 deposit, but withdrawal will be made from 1pm and 3am daily
  • The above mentioned processing time will only come into effect the moment we receive and verify your transaction request.
  • Withdrawal only will be approved under the individual with same identity who initially registered a betting account in
  • Please keep any bank receipts or transaction reference numbers as we require a proof of transaction
  • Receipt will be forfeit after 12 hours.
  • All deposits and withdrawals processing time are subject to internet banking availability.
  • If a bonus/promotion is utilized, kindly be aware of the related turnover requirements before requesting for a withdrawal.
  • Large withdrawals, withdrawal amounts above the daily limit or withdrawals made to foreign banks might take a longer time to process.
  • Withdrawals will require longer processing time if bets placed in Gameplay Casinos are needed for the player's turnover calculations.
  • We will not be responsible for any figure loss caused by network problem or technical issue.
  • Please refer to the general terms and condition for more details.